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Removing the clamps from the hoses on your vehicle can be frustrating. Fortunately, a good pair of hose clamp pliers can make the job a lot easier. Instead of struggling to pry the clamps open, you simply use the pliers to quickly and efficiently complete the task. This buying guide features some of the best hose clamp pliers on the market.

A: Your vehicle has several hoses that move liquids, such as fuel, oil, and water, from one place to another. The hoses are located inside the engine, and hose clamps help keep them secure and seal them to pipes or fittings.

3 Way Female Pipe Fitting

A: First, make sure the hose doesn't have any pressure or fluid inside of it. Next, use the mechanism on the end of the pliers' cable and lock it onto the hose clamp. Then squeeze the pliers to unlock the clamp and twist the hose to remove it.

A: Hose clamp pliers perform a very specific function. While not all specialized tools are necessary, hose clamp pliers do what other pliers cannot, so they are a good addition to your toolbox.

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