Motorola Razr hands-on with the new foldable Android phone

The Razr is back, but now it’s an Android smartphone that can fold in half. Motorola has officially announced its much-rumored (and much-leaked) modern spin on the iconic flip phone. The 2019 Razr keeps the same general form factor but replaces the T9 keypad and small LCD with a 6.2-inch foldable plastic OLED panel and Android 9 Pie. It’ll cost $1,499 when it arrives in January 2020. The new Razr is a fundamentally different take on the foldable phones that we’ve seen so far: instead of turning a modern-sized phone into a smaller tablet, it turns a conventional-sized smartphone into something much smaller and more pocketable. This isn’t the first time Motorola has tried to bring back the iconic RAZR branding. There was an entire line of fairly generic Droid RAZR phones a few years ago on which Motorola just slapped the name in hopes of reminding customers of its past glory. (You may remember that Motorola styled the old RAZR logo in all caps. For this new model, Motorola is doing the opposite with the lowercase “razr.” Since I’m a human, I’m going to henceforth use “Razr” to refer to the new model.) But the new Razr is much more than just a familiar brand name. This is a true he...

Deon Cole To Return To Netflix For New Special ‘Cole Hearted’ This October

On Oct. 8th, Deon Cole is set to return for his newest Netflix special ‘Cole Hearted’. The veteran stand-up comedian would premiere the trailer to his upcoming feature for Netflix today. In the trailer, Cole jumps into some marriage advice and even brings back his notable ‘notepad’ bit to test a few jokes on the crowd. The upcoming special will be Cole’s first hour-long special on Netflix. Back in 2017, Cole would team up with Netflix for their feature called ‘The Standups’ with 5 other comedians. Check out the new trailer, below. Win 10, Win 10 Pro License Sticker, Office 2019 Pro, Server 2016 – Newtown,